Digi-Pas 2-Axis digital Levelling Instrument & Inclinometers

Is Digi-Pas® Digital Level calibrated/tested/certified by accredited international laboratories?

Yes. Digi-Pas® Precision Digital Levels have been calibrated and tested by accredited 3rd party independent bodies in the USA, UK, Germany and Japan in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and/or ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 standard, traceable to NIST, JIS & DIN under ILAC & A2LA.

Digi-Pas PC Sync Software relevant to the models: DWL-2000XY, DWL-3000XY, DWL-3500XY, DWL-8500XY and DWL-9000XY

What is the difference between Basic and Professional version of PC Sync software?

Basic PC Sync software allows users to perform simple remote measurement and data acquisition while Professional PC Sync (optional) allows user to fully utilize the device for additional data logging and remote monitoring capability such as customization of data acquisition and measured data/readings saving for user analysis.

For a feature comparison between Basic and Professional versions for each model, see link: https://www.digipas.com/product/precision-measurement/2-axis-precision-digital-machinist-level/pc-sync.php

Digi-Pas Mobile App relevant to the Bluetooth models: DWL-1300XY, DWL-1500XY, DWL-3000XY, DWL-3500XY, DWL-8500XY and DWL-9000XY

Which Digi-Pas App title is used with what device models?

There are 2 Digipas Mobile App titles:

(1) "Digi-Pas Machinist Level" is used for models DWL1300XY and DWL1500XY and will be/ is replaced by the “Digi-Pas Smart Level” App.

NOTE: please check your code card, and when you scan the QR code you will always have direct acces tot the right & updated App for your instrument.

(2) "Digi-Pas Level Sync" Pro(fessional) version is used for models DWL3000XY-B, DWL3500XY-B, DWL8500XY and DWL-9000XY.

The Apps are available at Apple and Google Play Store.