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DWL-9000XY Machinist Level Inclinometer 0.2 arcsec./ ≤ 1μm/M

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With the purchase of the DWL-9000XY USB/ Bluetooth you have a 2-axis inclinometer machinist level with a built-in ultra precision vibration meter. A resolution of 0.2 arcsec (≤1µm/M) and measuring range up to 7200 arcsec. for grading, 2D tilt angles, plane alignment and vibration measurements. Using the embedded Professional PC Sync software, it is capable of wireless Bluetooth measurement and data logging. BY downloading the Mobile Sync App (optional) you can read your measured values ​​directly via mobile phone or tablet.

Applications: It is designed to greatly simplify the task of professionals and specialists in installation. It concerns the setting up, analysis and maintenance of CNC machines, especially machines from 5 meters. The embedded Professional PC Sync Software allows you to evaluate and analyze machine performance for quality assurance purposes. It is also possible to set the XY coordinates to have several measurements performed one after the other at a distance. You can also perform an area geometrical measurement via the 3D area profile graph.


  • Measuring range from 0.0 to 7200 arcsec. (Single Axis); 0.0 to 3600 arcsec. (Dual Axis)
  • Resolution of 0.2 arcsec. (≤ 1μm/M)
  • Accuracy ±0.6 arcsec at 0 to ±100 arcsec.; ±1.2 arcsec at other angles
  • 3D surface geometry graph using PC-Sync Software for high accuracy surface flatness profile measurement>
  • Digital colour graphic display of dual angles
  • Vibrometer display real time low-frequency (2 to 75Hz) vibration graph
  • Angularmeter display real-time 2-Axis angle graph
  • Wireless Bluetooth Industrial Class 1 (>30 Meters)
  • Professional PC Sync Software with wireless Bluetooth or USB-cable connection to device for remote acquisition and data logging,
  • USB external power source
  • Operating temperature at 50°F to 104°F or +10°C to +40°C
  • 3-points contact base for most stable surface-to-surface contact to prevent “rocking”



  • Precision levelling, angle measurement/alignment and surface flatness profiling tasks essentially involve 2-dimensional planes rather than single-axis. Thus, 2-axis simultaneous display of surface plane angles readings are required to effectively guide engineers in adjusting precision object/machine to a targeted position accurately and speedily.

  • Digi-Pas pioneered world's-first 2-axis simultaneous angles display instrument (U.S. patented) embedded with vibrometer which offers superior performance. It empowers engineers in eradicating constraints associated with using traditional single-axis 'bubble' or digital levels that require them to conduct those time-consuming tasks 'one axis at a time' with tedious trial-and-error iterations.


    DWL-9000XY instrument accuracy is verified by accredited 3rd party independent calibration & test bodies and National Metrology Centre traceable to SI standard and NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN under CIPM MRA.

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