Levels/ inclinometers

New generation spirit level: Digi-Pas Smart Precision DWL-1300 / 1500XY Bluetooth.

With the Digi-Pas Smart Precision DWL-1300 / 1500XY Bluetooth you bring the new generation spirit level into your home:
ideal for easy and quick adjustment and alignment of machines & equipment at a very favorable price / quality ratio.

The alignment tasks are applied to flat surfaces, where a 2-dimensional solution is required instead of the traditional 1-axis "bubble" vial method.
This Smart precision spirit level is delivered including Machinist App, which works on Android or iOS phone / tablet.

The advantages are:

• Reading the XY -Axis simultaneously for quick & error-free leveling and checking,
• Can be read in different units of measurement: degree, mm / M or inch / Ft.
• Multiple device for connecting a 2nd spirit level to perform parallel surface flatness measurement,
• Bluetooth connection for distance measurement,
• User calibration function to reset to factory accuracy yourself,
• High accuracy,• 1 man operation for quick installation / set-up.

Proud that Dutch Instruments has been able to contribute with its digital spirit level / inclinometer DWL-80Pro to the efficient solar car of the Solar Team Twente for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge October 2017.
The advantages of DWL-80Pro fast and error-free measurement, lightweight and easy-to-read display came in handy during the race control stops and in the evenings to measure the angle of the solar panel relatively to the car, so that the panel stands perpendicularly to the sun.

Smart Levelling Solutions

High performance, quality yet affordable digital levels / smart inclinometers.

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