Is a team with years of experience in geometrical metrology. We provide high quality instruments in
digital version with a high ease of use. We work with brand suppliers and manufacturers who make
instruments according to the latest measurement technologies, such as 
(Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) Sensors & Technology. 
Due to our many factory and exhibition visits the products are chosen with great care.

So is Dutch Instruments officially Benelux importer of the brand Digi-Pas®, the new generation of
level / inclinometer in various precision hand tools leveling / angle gauges to high precision machine
and leveling inclinometer sensor modules. Also implementing Bluetooth, Mobile Sync Android &
iOS App with Professional Sync Software available for quick & precise XY-axis measurements and
data analysis.

The applications are variously: by aligning test and measurement equipment in research, testing
laboratories in the medical industry, government, aviation, automotive, control site inspection in
residential construction, shipbuilding, marine heavy crane work on platforms in harbors for general
lifting construction, machine-industry; alignment of 3D-CNC machines, milling and grinding machines,
saws ... and do-it-yourself sector of surveying panels, camera tripod stand ...
Anything for a fast, accurate and reliable measurement.

To our clients we may count: universities, hospitals, forensic police, architects, consulting and
engineering firms, service, calibration and maintenance offices, developers, automotive specialist
garages, shipyards, installers, carpenters, cabinet makers the professional Do-It-Yourself handyman.

Besides degree angle measurement, surface flatness, straightness, leveling and alignment you can
also contact us for length, depth, distance, thickness and hardness measurements..One should think
of gauges, depth gauges, thickness gauges, hardness testers / durometer and so on ...

If your instrument is not listed or you would like to have more information, please feel free to contact
us for advice.

We stand for:

AA quality products with high usability.
A good price / performance ratio.
Fast, accurate and maximum customer